Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Si Maria ng AskingMaria.

Asking Maria. A band consisting of four talented individuals, home grown from Valenzuela. The band has set their hearts and energies for a passionate journey of life through music. The band name "Asking Maria" was conceived when the "boys" of the band was constantly nagging Maiah to come up with a band name. And then, Maiah thought "Asking Maria" would be a nice and kick ass name for the band since the name "Maria" is part of her full name and the boys
are constantly asking her what band name
is appropriate for the band, hence, "ASKING MARIA".
Asking Maria itself is a fledgling band.
The band was formed at the early part of 2008. It started out with Maiah, doing vocals and rhythm guitar, and emerged into concentrating her focus on the mic., Mcleen, influenced by the guitar expertise of Nigel Hendroff and Marcus Beaumont of United, with the lead guitar post, Jonn who was fresh from being the top 25 best selected drummers in the Philippines according to JB music, and Jason, awarded as the best bassist in last year's Musikayah '08 battle of the bands, is in charge with the low notes of the bass. On the duration of the year, the band was able to record two album quality songs untitled, "In Silence" and "Set Me Free".
As of now, Asking Maria is in the process of finishing 12 songs to record...

Maiah Aguilar - Vocals
Mcleen Amoguis -Guitars
Jonn Enguero - Drums
Jason Reyes - Bass

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