Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crowded By The Noise

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you hear the music in your mind? Never let anybody stop what keeps your fire burning alive...

Struggling through this quite place, as the place turned gray inside my mind. The road seems to go narrow and I think I reached the end of the rope...

The room is crowded by the noise, and now the silence gently falls. Breaking silence inside my mind like a bottle crashed into the ground.

They will never know, what I am looking for. I keep trying, trying to find the one. To eliminate this paranoia inside my mind. Is it you, the one i left behind..

I can run but I cant hide, All the pain I had inside, Maybe I will never understand, yet He will understand. He offers me hope. in the midst of hopelessness.. He stood in my shoes and this mind crowded by the noise.

Till It's Gone

From the moment I wake,To the moment I sleep,I wanted to say,Please don't go away. Why do we have to set apart? Now that were enjoying what we have.

Should I smile or should I cry? Now that I know, soon you'll say goodbye. For sure, it will make me cry.But now I'll be real, please comeback and stay.

Take this heart of mine,wherever you will go. Someday we'll surpass what we're going through. Our fate is together, Now until the end. This is not the end of all these..


I can see the light shine through you're face
as i look at memories and different places.
You remind me of better days when
i held your hand and watched the sunset.

Rise, my heart rises with every beat.
Sing, my heart sings for joy.

Never felt so hopeful in my life
since you've been with me glitter shines.
Through you eyes Grey shades seem to fade
not a dull second takes place..

You, give me what i need and you feed my heart complete.
I look at what lies ahead, and you are mine...


I really can't find, the words to say I can't even convince you to stay. I'm so confused and don't know what to do, I caught between goodbye and I love You.

If I could say, what I really feel, If I could say, that this love is for real. But its time for us to take apart, No more I love yous and Kiss Goodnight..

So leave me now, before I cry, but you go I just want you to know. Maybe this is really the time, to know which way, the crossroads of our lives.

Girl On Jeepney

To think that only yesterday, were on a Jeepney ride. I saw you sitting in front of me and I don't know If I'm gonna say "Hi". It feels so good to see you, to know that it was you again. I gotta whisper you something cause I can't be too loud.

I'm dreaming of you girl. Your smile that takes my breathe away.When will I see it again? The smile that lasts forever. My heart that longs for you. Well I hope you feel the same way too. When will I see you again and your smile that lasts forever.

I won't last the day without your smile, I won't last the day without you on a ride. My world crumbles when you are not near, I'm just a prisoner of your smile...

Set Me Free

Sitting in a corner, locked inside my room. Staring at the ceiling and my mind starts to roam. All I see is darkeness trying to find the light. Can somebody hear me, please come and give me light.
Standing in a crowd, like nobody sees me. I'm shouting loud and clear, but still nobody hears me. All I see are people busy with their lives. Can somebody hear me, please come and set me free.
I'm on my way, show me your way. With you around I feel like everything is falling into place. You gave your life as sacrifice. I'm confident that you would never want to lose me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Redhorse Rakrakan Series 9

Last May 23, 2009, 8pm-2am.. Nag -enjoy ang lahat sa ginanap na Rakrakan Series 9 ng Redhorse Beer sa Will's Attic sa Mother Ignacia, Qc.. Inuman, sigawan, nagkabalayhan na sa saya, durog na mga tao nung SAYDIE na ang tumugtog. Saktong Reggae Trip naman ang THE CHONKEY'S, hehe, daming pwet pakembot-kembot lang, at syempre di mawawala ang mga epal sa paligid. Salamat sa mga sumuporta samin, bihira di namin maisip na ganun kayo kadami, hehehe. Sana di kayo magsawa sa ASKINGMARIA, sana suportahan nyo kami hanggang kung saan man kami makarating..

Sakto lang! Sir Ridz, Hapi Bertdey!!!

God, Love, Peace, Peace!!!